Our Enlightened Health Membership Program is geared toward health-seeking patients who are looking to take a pro-active approach to optimal health, or those seeking more dedicated care for ongoing or chronic issues.

At Princeton Integrative Health, we offer an integrative and individualized approach to care in an intimate office setting, leveraging our conventional, functional and lifestyle medicine expertise, working closely with our patients, educating, empowering and encouraging them in their pursuit of improved health and well- being.

In today’s current health care (sick care) model, there is barely enough time to address illness, let alone time to get to the root cause of disease and dysfunction or to promote optimal health. The Enlightened Health Membership Program seeks to change this paradigm, creating a new solution built upon a trusted and transparent partnership with your health care team and focused on repairing, restoring and replenishing the body’s systems and functions to optimize health.

Princeton Integrative Health

Our Enlightened Health Membership Program includes:

  • 4 visits (60 minutes each) with Vincent (Vinny) Leonti, MD, annually
  • 4 visits (60 minutes each) with lifestyle and / or nutrition practitioners, annually
  • Lifestyle and nutrition protocols, as appropriate
  • A customized integrative / lifestyle medicine approach to true health care / well care
  • Close clinical monitoring of your health story / journey
  • Conventional and functional lab test interpretation
  • Clinician phone and e-mail support
  • Close collaboration with specialists and other health care practitioners on your behalf
  • Ongoing support from Patient Ambassador and Patient Care Coordinator
  • 10% off on nutraceuticals and other health, and wellness-related products
A Plan, a Partnership and a Promise…
Because health insurance is expensive, but health


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*Programs do not include the cost of recommended functional lab testing or supplements