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Elegant Evolution Facial

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PDO Lift + Smooth

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During your Regenerative Aesthetics assessment we’ll look at your health holistically to help you understand + address the most frustrating, under-diagnosed impacts of aging.



Let's proactively slow them down, both inside and out.

Be Clear Acne Program

Are you tired of struggling with acne and longing for clear, blemish-free skin? Look no further than our groundbreaking "Be Clear Acne Program." We understand the impact acne can have on your confidence and well-being, and that's why we've created this comprehensive 6-month program, priced at just $1,999 (excluding testing and supplements), to help you achieve the complexion you've always dreamed of.

Program Overview

  • Your journey to clear skin begins with a thorough consultation (30-45 Minutes), where our licensed aesthetician will assess your specific needs and tailor a personalized plan just for you.

  • We kickstart your transformation with a customized skincare and supplementation regimen (2–3 weeks) designed to address the root causes of your acne, whether it's fungal, bacterial, hormonal, or parasitic.

  • Our program includes both aesthetic and medical assessments to ensure a holistic approach to your skincare journey.

  • Over the first 3 months, you'll experience a clearing process with treatments scheduled every 2 weeks, providing your skin with the intensive care it needs. Afterward, you'll continue with monthly treatments to maintain your results.

  • Is it fungal, bacterial, hormonal, or parasitic acne? Our licensed aesthetician will help pinpoint the exact nature of your acne so that we can tailor your treatment accordingly.

  • The link between your diet and skin health is undeniable. Our program includes a specialized diet plan to reduce inflammation and support acne-free skin.

  • Detoxification is a key element in achieving clear skin. We'll guide you through a comprehensive 4-4-4 drainage and detox plan to help your body eliminate toxins and impurities.

  • Your gut health plays a significant role in skin issues. We'll provide you with a gut healing supplement plan to restore balance from the inside out.

  • Depending on your specific needs, we offer testing options including gut, toxin, and hormone tests to gain deeper insights into the factors contributing to your acne.

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Elegant Evolution Facial

Introducing our most sought-after regenerative aesthetic experience: the Elegant Evolution Facial (60 minutes). Designed with your timeless beauty in mind, this rejuvenating treatment combines the therapeutic benefits of the Gua Sha technique with the indulgence of a soothing massage. This luxurious facial is your gateway to achieving a radiant, youthful complexion.

Healthy Aging Gua Sha Facial and Massage: Our Elegant Evolution Facial is a meticulously crafted journey towards graceful aging. The fusion of ancient wisdom and modern skincare technology ensures that you receive the best of both worlds.
Supports Healthy Aging: Our skilled estheticians employ the power of Gua Sha to promote healthy aging. This technique helps release tension in facial muscles, reduce fine lines, and enhance the natural contours of your face.
Lymphatic Drainage and Increased Circulation: Experience the blissful sensation of improved lymphatic drainage and enhanced blood circulation. This not only rejuvenates your skin but also imparts a radiant glow that's impossible to ignore.
Learn Tools and Techniques: During your Elegant Evolution Facial, you'll gain valuable insights into skincare tools and techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routine. We believe that beauty is a journey, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.
Natural Toning and Lifting: Say goodbye to sagging skin! Our facial treatment naturally tones and lifts the skin, helping you regain a youthful appearance. Feel the increased firmness and elasticity as your skin is revitalized from within.
Promotes Collagen and Elastin Production: Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of youthful skin. Our facial is designed to stimulate their production, leaving your skin looking plumper, smoother, and more supple.
Invest in Your Beauty: The Elegant Evolution Facial is not just a treatment; it's an investment in your beauty and well-being. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and radiant in their skin, regardless of age.
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MINT™ PDO Threading

MINT™ PDO thread is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require general anesthesia or big incisions. There are tiny barbs strategically placed and molded all around the thread. Once the threads are placed into the skin, the barbs anchor onto sagging skin, and the thread can be maneuvered to achieve a naturally youthful and defined look.

Treatment areas include:

• Eyebrow/Forehead
• Crows Feet
• Under eyes
• Cheeks
• Nasolabial Lines
• Upper Lip
• Lower Face
• Jaw Line
• Double Chin
• Neck
↪ Tightens and smooths the skin
↪ Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
↪ Customizable areas including: nasolabial folds, eye laugh lines, under- eye area, eyebrow lift, cheeks and jowls, neck, chin and jawline, back of arms, abdomen, and legs 
↪ Non-invasive, no recovery or downtime necessary *think lunch time lift*
↪ Boosts self-esteem
↪ Safe, slow absorption (thread is fully absorbed within six months to a year depending on the type)
↪ Achieve natural- looking results via a non-toxic approach
↪ Immediate long lasting results (complexion looks even better after two–three months as skin absorbs the PDO!) threads ↪ Increased collagen production 
↪ Enhances other aesthetic treatments 
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RevitaPen Infusion Treatment

Our newest offering, the RevitaPen Infusion Treatment, is a 60-minute journey to radiant and rejuvenated skin that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a more youthful, vibrant complexion.

The RevitaPen Infusion Treatment is designed to address a wide range of skin concerns, from fine lines and uneven texture to dullness and congestion. It's suitable for all skin types and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Treatment Highlights:

Enzyme Treatment: Begin your transformation with a gentle yet effective enzyme treatment that helps to exfoliate and renew your skin's surface. This essential step prepares your skin to receive the full benefits of the RevitaPen Infusion.

Extractions: Our skilled estheticians will perform meticulous extractions to unclog pores and remove impurities, leaving your skin looking clear and refined.

Massage: Relax and unwind as our expert therapists treat you to a blissful massage that soothes your senses and melts away tension. Enjoy a moment of pure relaxation.

RevitaPen Infusion: The heart of this treatment, the RevitaPen, is a breakthrough device that enhances the absorption of high-quality serums and nutrients into your skin. It creates micro-channels to deliver the rejuvenating ingredients deep into the epidermis, stimulating collagen production and improving overall skin texture.

LED Light Therapy: Elevate your skincare experience with LED light therapy. This non-invasive treatment promotes cellular regeneration and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a radiant and youthful glow.

Scalp, Hand, and Foot Massage: We believe that true relaxation encompasses your entire body. Enjoy the added luxury of a soothing scalp massage, along with massages for your hands and feet, leaving you feeling completely pampered.

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• Healthy Wave Mat
• Crystal Gua Sha
• Healing Crystal Mask (jade or amethyst)
• Beauty booster Serum (with hemp, jojoba oil, and rose oil)
• Perfectio Laser (with hyaluronic acid, hibiscus, linden, calendula serum)
• Dermaplaning/Oilplaning


Support your skin care at home with the right products. Enjoy a complimentary consultation during your appointment to discover which boosters are best for you!

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