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Elegant Evolution Facial

Our signature spa facial with Perfectio X, an innovative red and infrared LED light therapy!

Designed to provide incredible anti-aging benefits, improving skin tone and texture and hydrating and nourishing the face, eyes, and neck.

This package includes:

  • Facial assessment and extraction
  • Gentle cleansing, exfoliation & toning
  • Acupressure facial massge & detoxifying charcoal mask 
  • Facial steam with ozone
  • Gua sha scalp massage
  • Perfectio X light therapy with hyalronic acid
  • Moisturizer and Beauty Booster
  • Healing crystal mask

Non-Toxic Facial

All facial treatments include a personalized consultation with our Nurse Practitioner, who will customize your unique skin care plan “bespoke” and recommend an effective home care regimen to optimize your results. Our Nurse Practitioner will help you to achieve the best possible results in a relaxing environment.

Cleanse: With pre + probiotics and pressure point facial massage
Exfoliate: With pre + probiotics, aloe, and yucca
Steam: With our ozone facial steamer and Gua Sha scalp massage
Facial Assessment and extraction, if indicated
Mask: Assessment and bespoke concoctions for skin type
Moisturize: With brightening serum and pre + probiotic moisturizer

Looking for more? Try our add-ons:

  • Healthy Wave Mat
  • Crystal Gua Sha
  • Healing Crystal Mask (jade or amethyst)
  • Beauty booster Serum (with hemp, jojoba oil, and rose oil)
  • Perfectio Laser (with hyaluronic acid, hibiscus, linden, calendula serum)
  • Dermaplaning/Oilplaning

We offer a personalized skin care plan and effective home care regimen to optimize your results!


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Meet Samantha

Our Aesthetics Specialist!

Our definition of wellness encompasses all aspects of whole-person care, including physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Appearance can have a profound impact on wellness and how we interact with those around us. At PIH, we have chosen the top products to keep you feeling and looking your best. Samantha is a well-trained medical provider who understands facial anatomy and customizes treatment to each individual patient.