We Want You to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

Our personal, patient-based approach to care is backed by science, delivered with compassion, and supported by these truths:

  • Your body has the built-in knowledge and desire to be healthy.
  • Diet and exercise aren’t enough to maintain or restore good health.
  • Disease and dysfunction are caused by stress and inflammation, which manifest themselves in different ways depending on the individual.
  • Most chronic diseases are preventable and even reversible. But you often have to dig deep to find and treat the root cause instead of chasing superficial symptoms.

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We Want You to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

We Bring Functional and Conventional Medicine Together

Doctors today are compensated based on productivity and volume. This doesn’t allow them the time to get to the root cause of problems and develop a customized solution. Even if the warning signs of a serious problem are there, they may be forced to take a “wait and see” approach.

That’s not good enough for us. If a serious problem already exists, we investigate the cause instead of immediately prescribing medication.

Once we pinpoint the cause through a comprehensive assessment and appropriate lab testing, we take a holistic, integrative approach to treatment that involves nutrition, lifestyle, support and ongoing monitoring to measure the results. That’s how functional medicine works.

We Bring Functional and Conventional Medicine Together

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“Throughout the process, we engage, educate, empower and encourage people to make health a priority. We give them the resources and tools they need to make real life changes, and provide the support they need to make those changes stick.”

- Jenna Richardson

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