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Health and Wellness Spa Package

Our Health and Wellness Spa Package is the perfect gift to promote relaxation and detoxification. Take a look at these 4 rejuvenating services. Call us at 609.512.1468 to purchase any of the following services or combine all four for $150!

Healthy Wave Mat (20 min)
The Healthy Wave Mat combines PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), photon therapy, far-infrared heat, negative ions, and crystals which work synergistically to heal stress, pain, spasms, headaches, depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bronchial asthma, and chronic illness.
Infrared Sauna (30 min)
The Therasage Infrared Sauna features proprietary exclusive Natural Earth Element Full Spectrum Infrared heating panels, with Tourmaline gemstones to generate an abundance of negative ions. Your body is immersed from every angle in gentle full-spectrum Infrared frequencies and negative ions, with no exposure to harmful EMFs. This sauna improves detoxification and circulation while decreasing inflammation.
Infrared Facial (20 min)
This technology gently delivers precise dosage of energy to the skin to simultaneously produce collagen fibers and elastin, while gently erasing signs of aging in all three layers of skin, naturally filling and erasing fine lines and wrinkles, lifting and tightening the skin.
Ionic Detoxifying Foot Bath (30 min)
The Ionic Detoxifying Foot Bath can improve sleep quality, skin complexion, energy levels, immune system, mental clarity, as well as reduce inflammation and swelling! The technology in combination with the water and salt work to relax and stimulate the body, while drawing out toxins that damage our internal systems and throw off hormone levels.
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The power of detoxification 

Detoxification is crucial for the human body to remove toxins. Support your body's natural detoxification channels through the Princeton Integrative Health Detoxification Health Package.

Dr. Leonti emphasizes the importance of detoxification and immune support and believes both are crucial in today’s environment. In the 1980s, studies show there were around 10,000 chemicals in our environment but that figure has now skyrocketed to 80,000 and includes metals, mold, and other harmful toxins. "This is the stuff that we often look for and find in root cause medicine, the stuff that keeps people feeling bad and contributes to the slippery slope of dysfunction and disease. It's so important for us to support our bodies to detoxify, replenish, and restore on a regular basis to ensure that we are getting rid of the bad stuff and putting in the good stuff, healthy nutrition, happy thoughts, sunshine, sleep, and more."

 Humans possess the innate ability to cleanse from within through our detox organs – the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system, all of which are proof of our amazing human bodies. But, evolution hasn't caught up with industrialization so it's necessary and imperative to support and enhance these systems!