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Jenna Richardson, CIHC, FDN-P
Clinical Director and Functional Medicine Practitioner

When your father is a medical doctor and your mother is a registered nurse, a career in the health field is virtually inevitable. Jenna entered college as a pre-med student, but the smell of formaldehyde and the sight of blood made her realize that she should choose a different path.

After earning a BS in business communications from Cornell University, Jenna spent 15 years traveling the world as a management consultant. Interestingly, her focus was helping businesses become well by optimizing their systems and processes to maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Jenna reached a crossroads when she became pregnant with her son, Carter. Doctors told her that she shouldn’t be eating certain foods, but they didn’t explain why. Jenna thought, “If these things are unacceptable when I have a child inside me, why are they acceptable at other times?” She began to question conventional medicine.

Carter had some serious health issues when he was just six months old. Jenna bounced around from doctor to doctor who recommended medication after medication. When she went to fill a prescription, the pharmacist pulled her aside and said he wouldn’t give her the medication because it could cause fatal respiratory issues for a child Carter’s age.

Having struggled with her own health issues throughout her life, this was Jenna’s breaking point. She knew it was time to pursue her passion and help people become well – not by waiting for problems to arise and treating them with medication, but by preventing and reversing chronic illness through smart decisions that stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Jenna became a Certified Integrative Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has also earned her certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). But Jenna knew she could deliver better results with the help of a medical doctor who bought into the functional approach. So she picked up the phone and called her father, Dr. Vincent Leonti.

Dr. Vincent Leonti

Dr. Vincent Leonti, MD
Medical Director

Dr. Leonti knew from the time he was in grade school that he wanted to become a doctor. After graduating from SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY, he went back and forth between family medicine and emergency medicine. His preference was for family medicine because it allowed him to develop closer relationships with his patients.

Dr. Leonti has always been active. He has even completed five marathons over the years. That’s why he was shocked when he went out for a run one day and experienced pain in his chest. A cardiologist told Dr. Leonti that he had an 80 percent blockage in one coronary artery and a 70 percent blockage in another.

As a doctor, Dr. Leonti thought he was living a healthy lifestyle, but he unknowingly had been misinformed and developed bad habits that brought him to an unhealthy place. He was forced to make lifestyle changes to improve his health. It was during this time that his daughter, Jenna, began her journey in functional medicine and integrative health.

Dr. Leonti had never heard of functional medicine and admittedly thought the concept was more than a little off-base. It seemed to go against everything he knew as a medical doctor. He skeptically attended his first functional medicine conference and instantly saw the disconnect between traditional and functional medicine. Traditional medicine was great at treating acute illness or crisis situations, like a broken arm or heart attack, but chronic illness was a different story.

Dr. Leonti realized that so much more could be done to prevent and reverse chronic illness by bringing the functional approach to conventional medicine. Instead of waiting for a problem to arise and treating it with medication, functional medicine attacks the root cause of health issues and prevents problems from occurring in the first place. Dr. Leonti enrolled in the Institute for Functional Medicine and Functional Medicine University, where he is in process of certification.

The real-life experiences of a father and daughter, and a shared belief in the power of functional and conventional medicine, soon led to the creation of Princeton Integrative Health.

Conny Garefino

Conny Garefino, DC
Chiropractor and FM Practitioner

Dr. Conny Garefino wears a couple of hats at Princeton Integrative Health, serving as our resident family chiropractor as well as our third functional medicine practitioner. Dr. Conny has known the benefits of chiropractic care for her entire life. A native to New Jersey, she started seeing a chiropractor when she was 6 months old after having multiple ear infections and pneumonia. From childhood, she has understood that chiropractic is about keeping your nervous system healthy because it controls EVERYTHING. She grew up knowing that getting adjusted at the first sign of a cold meant she would feel better quickly because her body was able to function better. Therefore, when she decided to go to chiropractic school, she found she’d been living a chiropractic lifestyle all along and that this profession was perfectly in line with her philosophical beliefs and trust in the body to heal.

From the beginning of her chiropractic education knew she was passionate about prenatal/pediatric chiropractic, however becoming a mom in her last year of chiropractic school really inspired her to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible.  She was adjusted throughout her entire pregnancy and her son has been adjusted since day one. Dr. Conny is certified in the Webster Technique which is a gentle chiropractic technique for balancing the pelvis and optimizing nerve function during pregnancy. She is also an advocate for natural childbirth and breastfeeding. Dr. Conny practices chiropractic using the approach known as Bio-Geometric Integration or BGI. This allows her to use the least amount of force necessary to integrate a person’s subluxations.

Dr. Conny’s passion for health and wellness inevitably led her down the path of integrative and lifestyle medicine as this allows her to truly look at her patients as whole to encourage and empower healing. She loves working with women who struggle with fertility and children who have challenges with the gut and behavior. Addressing both lifestyle and the nervous system has allowed her to step into the role of helping her patients heal from the inside out.


Joseph Bonacci, L.Ac., CFMP

Acupuncturist & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Joseph has been a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of NJ since 2010 and is also a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through Functional Medicine University.  He specializes in sports medicine, pain management, as well as men’s health.

Joseph began his academic career locally at Hopewell Valley Central High School and was recruited as a full-scholarship athlete to 

Carnegie Mellon University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English.  

Joseph then journeyed to the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Melbourne to study Reflexology for one year before returning to complete a five-year graduate degree program at the Tri-State College of Acupuncture in Manhattan where he earned a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Prior to joining PIH, Joseph began his practice within the offices of Princeton Sports and Family Medicine headed by Dr. Peter Wenger and Dr. Richard Levandowski, both experienced Orthopedic Physicians who work with US Olympic and Collegiate athletes.

After four years, Joseph then expanded to his own private clinic in downtown Princeton where he continued to specialize in sports medicine and trigger point dry needling for athletes while also treating a variety of other conditions for local Ivy League students.  

In addition to his courses of study, Joseph also has taken extensive interest in Bagua and Qi Gong, both forms of Chinese Internal Martial Arts and meditation. 

Beyond his professional and academic pursuits, Joseph has also volunteered his time and skill to the Global Alternative Healthcare Project (GAHP) and DESEA Peru, organizations that provide free healthcare to indigenous communities within the US and abroad who otherwise have no access to health services.

Susan Leonti

Susan Leonti, RN

In addition to 30 years of experience in healthcare as an RN, Sue brings to the table a focused and dedicated approach to organizing and coordinating people, processes and events. Chalk this up to her Italian heritage! She is a key part of our team as we work to engage and educate within the community and health and wellness field. Sue is also a major part of the “team” as Dr. Vinny’s wife, Jenna’s mom and, especially, “Mahgah” to Carter and Nyah.

Regina Schoenberger

Regina Schoenberger
Cannabis Educator and Digital Media Designer

Regina is our resident Cannabis Educator. From working with world renown CBD extract companies to biodegradable cannabis plastics, she has experience in many areas of the cannabis industry. She has helped enroll over a few thousand patients into the New Jersey Medical Marijuana program from all ages and varying medical conditions. Regina is also a digital media designer with a strong creative vision. She specializes in cannabis education through video and graphic design.

Regina possess a biology background and holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Drexel University. Her passion and fascination with cannabis is deeply rooted in her own experience as a medical marijuana patient with chronic pain related to women’s issues. She is passionate about helping women regulate their hormones with plant based medicine.

She is dedicated to helping Princeton Integrative Health patients unlock the true therapeutic benefits of cannabis through education and empowerment. In her free time she enjoys reading, videography, and running. Stay turned for videos on cannabis recipes, important facts, and program updates!

Lisa K.

Lisa K.
Operations Manager

Lisa has over 26 years of experience in healthcare with 22 years in integrative health and Functional Medicine. She is a passionate, detail-oriented, and highly organized member of our team, acting in the role of Operations Manager.

She is also the friendly face you will see when you walk in the office and the happy voice on the end of the telephone line. She is a wealth of knowledge about the supplements and services offered through our practice.  

Don Joergens

Don Joergens, DC, FBT
Functional Brain Trainer

Dr. Don is and has been an innovative thinker for over 25 years. Born and raised under his parent’s humble roof in Staten Island, New York, he has acquired enormous knowledge and experience ranging from early beginnings in Manhattan to a revolutionary Wellness Center in Central New Jersey. He has achieved notable levels of expertise, innovation, and invention in the areas of chiropractic medicine, human diagnosis (both traditional and functional), physical and brain-based rehabilitation, metabolism, functional nutrition, proprietary developments within fitness, exercise, human movement, and life transformation design. His proprietary developments and patent using the discoveries of cutting-edge functional neuroscience reflect his powerful belief and vision in the inclusion of functional brain-based methods to potentiate the lives of all people. He has developed original work within the realm of human movement as well. Dr. Don is also the developer of the Wellth model, a gateway perspective for the future of integrative healthcare and wellness adoption, understanding, and most importantly achieving.

Dr. Don had been a Doctor of Chiropractic for over a dozen years until he came across what he believed to be the new standard in assessing, changing and healing the human being. This innovative use of functional neuroscience revealed a new future for humankind in his mind. From chiropractors to acupuncturists and from physical/occupational therapists to psychotherapy, he realized this was the source model of understanding why the various therapies work. An adjustment to the spine, a stretch of muscle, the thin filament needles of acupuncture, exercise, aromatherapy, massage, and even the talk therapy of psychology are all converging and acting upon the brain. How they change, even transform the brain, can be made exponentially greater, through this model, in healing the body.

Jennifer Ruiz

Jennifer Ruiz, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist

Jennifer Ruiz, licensed massage therapist (LMT), is the founder of Amala Lymphatic & Massage Therapy, which is located within the PIH office suite. Jennifer uses a multidimensional approach to massage and bodywork that treats the whole person by guiding the mind and body to a place of balance and ease. 

In addition to more than a decade of experience working at a 5-star spa in New York City, she is a recipient of a Forbes 5-star award for Excellency. Jennifer graduated from the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences in 2001, and is licensed to practice massage in New Jersey and New York.

Katie Rodriguez

Katie Rodriguez, Skincare Specialist & Essential Oil Enthusiast

Katie Rodriguez is a licensed esthetician and joins PIH as the Skin Care Specialist and Essential Oil Enthusiast, offering exclusive anti-aging, revitalizing skincare services, including the Perfectio X, which is a technology which gently delivers a precise dosage of energy to the skin to simultaneously produce collagen fibers and elastin, while gently erasing signs of aging in all three layers of skin.

Katie is also a trained Young Living Distributor and will continue to host virtual (and soon to be live!) events about the healing properties of essential oils, which are now available for purchase through PIH. 

Krista Gervon, Communications Director

Krista Gervon

Communications Director

Krista believes that sharing compelling messages and powerful stories has the potential to break down barriers that separate people, change lives, and disrupt the status quo. She combines over 15 years of marketing, public relations, film production, and writing experience to passionately bring awareness to the successful and transformative stories of our patients, as well as our programs, services, events, and amazing team of practitioners. 

Krista founded Kilogram Productions and recently co-produced the groundbreaking documentary, Don't Talk About the Baby, a film dedicated to starting conversations about and shattering the stigmas surrounding pregnancy loss and infertility.

Krista graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Sociology and also holds a professional certificate in News Production.