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Your True Partner in Health.

What if you had a customized health plan, rather than a one-size-fits-all?


It's like a gym membership for long-term healthcare and disease prevention.

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Empowered Health Concierge Program

 An ideal program for health-seeking clients + patients who are looking for direction and guidance with true practitioner partners on the journey toward optimal health. It is perfect for those concerned with long-term health and disease prevention, or those dealing with chronic conditions, who are looking to restore health through root cause medicine and compassionate care. We understand that it can take some time to change your health and life. We aim to create a realistic platform for you to live well!

At Princeton Integrative Health, we understand that it can take some time to change your health / life. We want to create a realistic platform for you to live well. 

This is an annual membership program billed annually or monthly - similar to a membership at a gym or health club. You have to check out the benefits of this 12-month program!

An integrative, personalized, whole-person approach to health and well-being.

Preventive and restorative care, not reactive care.

A dedicated health care team to address your specific health issues / concerns via in-person ~ 60-minute sessions, telehealth sessions, patient portal, e-mail, and text message.

Sick visits, as needed.

A limited number of patients, with time to focus on each person as an individual.

E-mail education on nutrition and lifestyle.

Access to resources, workshops, webinars, and other special events.

Transformational Health Coaches / Functional Medicine Practitioners to provide education, empowerment, and support in the areas of: Diet / Nutrition, Digestion, Detoxification, Stress Management, Hormones, Immune Function, Energy Production

Direct Functional lab pricing.

Conventional and functional lab interpretation.

Customized functional nutrition and lifestyle program.

Customized supplement protocols.

Meal planning and recipes.

Medical / Medication case management.

Support, coaching, and accountability.

Special gifts to make the journey both ENJOYABLE and SUCCESSFUL.

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Our Comprehensive Approach

The Empowered Health Concierge Program is customized to optimize your results + successes. Our promise is to do whatever it takes to find you the answers and solutions that you are seeking. We promise to do this in a very cost-conscious way, without compromising outcomes.

How it works...

Your story is the most important component to your case. By listening closely and investigating your history, in detail, we are able to make the most appropriate lab testing, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. These labs are much more comprehensive than traditional blood work. We assess and evaluate multiple factors, including physical health, genetic makeup, mind-body elements and environmental inputs, to identify dysfunction, understand how processes are affected and discern how to repair, restore and rebalance for your optimal health.

Based on your initial assessment and lab findings, a customized meal plan and nutrient solution will be created for you. This ensures you are taking the right supplements and eating a balanced diet to address your biological and physiological needs, with the goal being optimal physical and mental health.

You will receive lifestyle education as part of your program, providing guidance in areas of your life to encourage reduction of external stressors and encourage optimal fulfillment. It is this lifestyle education that ensures your long-term success.

Your personalized program will include strategic checkpoints to monitor your progress and the effectiveness of your program.

You will have ongoing access to our staff, future events, webinars, audio recordings, recipes, etc.

Our Beliefs


Virtually every complex, chronic disease is preceded by long-term disturbances in functionality.


We examine a wide array of available “interventions” and customize a treatment plan.

tool kit

We'll use a combo of Functional Medicine Services, Supporting Modalities and Therapeutic Protocols + Wellness Plans.


You become an active partner with your practitioner, taking control of your health.

What people are saying...

My coaching sessions were conducted in an atmosphere that is ‘comfy’ and safe. I learned to trust their recommendations and knew I could depend on their support along the way. This atmosphere is much different from most doctor’s offices. I think that due to insurance rules and such, you are rushed through the appointment and often quickly given medication after a very short period of diagnosis. PIH takes extra time and looks at the overall situation, not treating just one symptom. I’ve been so pleased, I’ve already recommended PIH to my friends. Attend one of their information sessions and I’m sure you also will be pleased to join them for a journey to a healthier you.

I started coming to PIH feeling good about my health but wanting to maintain it. I have learned so much and have become so much healthier. I feel better than ever at 62 years old. I learn something new at every appointment, each of which is extremely thorough. No more 6 minute doctor visits. The whole staff couldn’t be more helpful, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly.

I had intense stress coupled with a thyroid disorder, and when occurring together I could barely get out of bed or off the couch at night. When I spoke with Jenna and she told me her program options, I knewI was a 6 month candidate just based on the fact that success at something usually takes me awhile. 5 months in I can honestly say Jenna has helped me make changes for myself that I never would have come to without her encouragement. I would say that the first 3 months we worked to lower stress in my life, and make dietary changes in a way where I didn't feel awful doing them. I am not an easy client based on my history, but knowing I see Jenna every other week gives me an outlet, incentive as well as someone who holds me accountable for my own health, mentally and physically. It also helped me learn about the science of the happenings in my body, when I really needed an opinion in that regard.

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