Dr.VCardiovascular care at Princeton Integrative Health is delivered from the heart by Dr. Vincent Leonti, M.D. and certified in the Bale Doneen Method, a Heart Attack and Stroke prevention program. If you are at increased risk or have heart disease, Dr. Vinny's root cause approach will allow you to go from hope to healing to living your life to the fullest.

"I add more years to peoples' lives and more life to peoples' years." - Dr. Vincent Leonti


Advanced Lipid Testing from Cleveland Heart DiagnosticsHeartBeat

A standard lipid panel alone may not predict your true risk for cardiovascular disease. Recent studies show that lowering your LDL cholesterol reduces your risk for a cardiovascular event by only 25 percent, and at least half of people who have experienced a cardiac event had cholesterol levels in the “normal” range.

To gain a more comprehensive look at their risk, we recommend advanced, specialized testing for some patients, particularly those with risk factors, to evaluate lipids, inflammation, metabolics and genetics.


Specialized Carotid Ultrasound (CIMT)


This life-saving investment includes a 15-minute CIMT Ultrasound in our office which can detect a cardiovascular problem long before it creates symptoms in the body, as well as a 60-minute follow up consultation to interpret the test and assess cardio risk factors including genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, environment, stress, etc... Appointments are made in 15 minutes intervals between 8am and 12pm. Click here for upcoming dates.