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Proper nutrition is at the core of mitigating nearly all chronic health challenges. Unfortunately, the seemingly constant barrage of health articles, diet trends and other food headlines has everyone as confused as ever about real nutrition. It can be simple, though, and there's no question that it is an investment in one's health.

What we eat and drink (and think, too) becomes the matrix of our cells, tissues, organs, and body. To that end, our mission is to help clients make conscious -- although not complicated -- food decisions so that they see, and feel, how they have the power to impact their energy, mood, body composition, and quality of life. And naturally, one of the byproducts of conscious eating and proper whole food-based nutrition is the alleviation or resolution of health problems.
Our nutrition consultant, Lee Yonish, factors in one's health history, current health complaints, dietary patterns, and other information to pull together a picture of what optimal nutrition will look like for each individual client. With this, she addresses issues related to digestion and gut health, food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, blood sugar regulation, cravings and mood chemistry, immune system resilience, issues related to liver and toxicity, cardiovascular health, weight management, and more (hint: these are all connected).   
Lee works with individuals at their own pace, and believes that making dietary shifts should never be overwhelming. She's going for the long game, teaching clients how to gradually uncover what excellent nutrition looks like for them (and why), and how to hold onto new habits for the rest of their lives.
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Lee Yonish

Certified Nutrition Consultant 

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