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Functional Medicine: A Better Way to Feel Better

At Princeton Integrative Health (PIH), we combine the best of functional medicine with conventional medicine to help you take control of your health. Jenna Richardson and her father, Vincent Leonti, MD, recognized the need for this new approach to health care after their own personal health issues required more than traditional medicine had to offer. They quickly realized that they were not alone. Many people were feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. They were looking for a better way to feel better.

At the heart of our approach at PIH is a commitment to look at every patient as more than their individual symptoms and specific medical conditions. That is “sick care,” reactive in its nature and expedient in its delivery. True health care is proactive, an ongoing experience we share with our patients. As functional medicine practitioners, we dig deep to understand the root cause of every patient’s medical issues and concerns, and recommend lifelong lifestyle changes to optimize their health. And yes, when needed, we prescribe medicine as well.

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Metabolic Reset Program (MRP): A Life Changing Journey

Are you holding on to 5, 10, 20 even 30+ resistant pounds?  Are you someone who has “tried everything” to lose weight with only temporary or limited results?  Would you love to have more energy and vitality? And less cravings, mood swings, aches and pains? Then the Metabolic Reset is the program for you.  The MRP is a 10-week program designed to help you to release significant amounts of resistant weight / fat, without compromising muscle mass, and to help you to tun in to your body, to learn how to feed and fuel for a physical and physiological transformation and sustained results.

In the first 6 weeks, you will focus on releasing weight. Many people release 20-40 pounds and reshape their body during this time. In the second part of the program you will transition to a lifestyle and maintenance plan, so that you can continue to improve your health, create long term results and thrive at your new metabolic set point.

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Wellness Programs To Balance Your Health and Your Life

At Princeton Integrative Health, we deliver health care with the goal of preventing and reversing disease and dysfunction by attacking the cause of the problem. By treating you holistically and bringing your systems into balance, we can help you discover what it means to be truly well.

We customize our wellness programs and suggest the best path for you following an initial consultation. We offer advanced functional medicine testing that goes beyond standard lab work. We want to understand the cause of your pain, fatigue and other ailments when we treat these and other conditions:

Heart Health • Autoimmunity • Brain Health • Nutritional Deficiencies • Chronic Pain • Diabetes • Depression and Anxiety • Infertility • Thyroid Issues

Our Programs

Wellness Programs To Balance Your Health and Your Life

The Role of Medical Marijuana in Our Practice

Princeton Integrative Health is a professional medical marijuana practice. We focus our service on compassion and respect for patient privacy. We understand that some patients are reluctant to try medical marijuana as an alternative to traditional medications. Yet, countless patients have found it to be an effective therapeutic drug for cancer treatment, chronic pain treatment, anxiety, depression and other medical conditions. It is one of many treatments we offer our patients. Dr. Vincent Leonti is a registered physician for both New Jersey and Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Programs. We provide educational resources and assistance through our dedicated Cannabis Education staff.

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Client Success Stories

By the time many of our clients discover us, they have been struggling for quite some time with at least one health issue that has significantly compromised the quality of their life. Most are looking for answers to understand their symptoms and long-term solutions to feel better and live longer. There’s nothing more satisfying to us than to hear how we have made a difference in someone’s life. We are grateful to those who choose to share their stories with others. Hear what they have to say in our video or click on the button below to read about their experiences.

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Community & Corporate Wellness

We offer comprehensive, customized corporate and community wellness programs to meet the needs of your group organization, contact us to learn more.

News and Education

Engage your mind. We believe that knowledge is powerful medicine. Read the PIH Blog for the latest news on functional medicine and updates from our team.

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