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PIH drives at the root cause of dis-ease and dysfunction to restore optimal health and well-being.

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We want you to get healthy and stay healthy.

At Princeton Integrative Health we focus on true health care and well care, driving at the root cause of disease and dysfunction to coach and coax your body back to health and well-being and beyond. We offer, not a pill, but a prescription for lifelong health through various methods and modalities and a dedicated and compassionate care team. We co-create health with our patients so that they can feel better, look better, and live better. Longer.

Programs & Treatments

We bring Functional and Conventional medicine together — see what we have to offer!


Chronic and complex health issues in which we aim to identify triggers, explore underlying factors, target infections and support the immune system.

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Comprehensive assessments, personalized treatment plans, nutritional supplementation, and other functional medicine therapies.

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Complementary treatments used alongside primary therapies to enhance the overall effectiveness of a patient's care plan.

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Thorough assessments of medical history, lifestyle, and underlying imbalances paired with long-term strategies to prevent future health problems.

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We treat you holistically bringing your systems into balance.

Discover what it means to be truly well! We believe in health care that proactively prevents and reverses disease and dysfunction by getting to the root cause of the problem. This is the heart of integrative health, which combines conventional medicine with evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle healing therapies. At PIH, we can show you how a commitment to simple lifestyle changes can help you to prevent heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses, or manage any pre-existing conditions you may have, such as chronic pain, high cholesterol, autoimmune conditions or arthritis.

PIH Team

Is Integrative Health and Wellness Right for You?

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Our featured Modalities

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Enhance the body's natural healing process. Reverse hypoxia, reduce neuro-inflammation, and improve tissue oxygenation.

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Ear Insufflation Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Regain control of your life and better manage your condition through ozone therapy + injections.

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Zerona Z6 Icon

Zerona Z6 Laser Therapy

FDA approved noninvasive body contouring procedure that uses low-level laser technology to reduce excess fat.

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high dose vitamin c iv

IV Nutrient Therapy

Correct deficiencies, diminish inflammation, and maintain your health with hydration and immunity boosters.

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FX 405 Laser Therapy

FDA market cleared laser proven to treat complex conditions, pain-sensitivity, sports injuries, and more!

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I was familiar with functional medicine, and many of the programs… they seemed to lack the personal touch - I’ll just say that. So when I found this, I loved the ability for someone to really talk to me. Then I met Dr. Vinny - and who doesn’t love Dr. Vinny? At the end of the day, what I really love about it is that I can have real discussions with him, asking questions to him. I do my own learning about this stuff as well, and we have really good exchanges. We influence one another in some ways, because he’s able to learn about how his patients are really experiencing things. I find him to be very innovative, open minded, and I actually have room to understand what is going on.

I’d heard about integrative medicine and attended a free workshop at PIH. I immediately resonated with the information they offered and the interconnected team approach, and signed up to work with them. I took some simple tests I didn’t even know existed that were able to detect where the problems were. We then went about addressing them with natural supplements, healthy lifestyle changes and ongoing support through follow-up visits and coaching. Today I am feeling much better and many of my symptoms are vanishing. I definitely recommend PIH to anyone who is tired of following the traditional medical route and are lacking relief from their ailments.

I was hopeful for something different. Wow, did I get something different! Rather than the PCPs I'd experienced over the past few years… I got time, focus, thought provoking questions and answers, some food option ideas. It wasn't so much a DIET, it was being aware of the fuels I was putting in my body. Maybe the foods were making me stay up/wake up at night. I really enjoy working with Jenna and Dr. V - actually everyone is super nice, caring, genuine and real. Highly recommend.

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